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Outsourcing Human Resources Services



What is human resources outsourcing?


Outsourcing HR services reduces the time that your employees spend on administrative tasks. These tasks may be able to be handled more efficiently and effectively outside of your office. Outsourced HR services can include:

  • Payroll services including direct deposit

  •  Tax administration and W-2 services

  • Compliance services to keep you up-to-date on HR rules and regulations


 Why might you outsource HR services?


HR services are vital to any growing business because your employees are your most valuable asset. You need to provide them with top-notch HR services to keep your operation running smoothly.  

  • Outsourcing human resources can:

  • Keep HR expenses low

  • Allow you to attract and retain top talent

  • Minimize employer related risk


Why choose CSP Global Services for outsourcing human resources?


What sets CSP Global Services apart is our specialty in working with not only large corporations, but mid-size businesses that, in the past, did not have access to the increased efficiencies and reduced costs of a global outsourcing operation. We’ll work closely with you to develop a custom outsourcing strategic plan that minimizes your cash outlay while maximizing the talents of your current team members.


We are here to help you determine if a human resources outsourcing is a good choice for your business. No matter what type of human resources outsourcing you think your company may need, we’ll start with a thorough due diligence process that will give you a clear idea of precisely which benefits your company can start to achieve from a human resources outsourcing project.


You can feel assured that your needs will be met because of our knowledgeable staff’s unequaled commitment to customer service. We believe in providing total customer satisfaction on each and every one of our engagements.



Why choose the Philippines for your human resources outsourcing?


All of our business process outsourcing is done through the Philippines, one of the fastest growing BPO locations in the entire world. We choose to work only in the Philippines because the country is known for strong English skills. English is one of two official languages of the country and one of the major subjects at all educational levels. This leads to workers who are very familiar with the language, as well as aware of western business culture.


Also, since the Philippines is still emerging in the BPO market compared to more established countries, such as India, we’re able to keep your costs low.


Sample Philippines’ salaries courtesy of Sourcing Line (as of March 2010):

  • Junior BPO resource: 8.7 % of US

  • Skilled BPO resource: 14.0 % of US

  • Operations manager: 26.0 % of US

  • Customer service representative: 17.0 % of US

  • Customer service manager: 23.0 % of US


No-Risk Human Resources Outsourcing Consultation:


For a no-risk human resources consultation from CSP Global Services, contact us at 216-503-3800 or use our contact form.




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