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As business process outsourcing (BPO) has become more common among large corporations, the BPO service market tends to overlook mid-size businesses run by entrepreneurial owners. In reality, these businesses are actually excellent candidates to benefit from BPO services because what entrepreneurs often lack the most is time.


CSP Global Services has recognized this gap in the marketplace and thus, in addition to working with large corporations, we have developed an expertise in working with mid-size businesses and entrepreneurs. By providing a comprehensive BPO solution to mid-size businesses, we allow the key personnel to focus more on their firm’s core service offerings rather than spending time on non-essential processes and procedures. This narrowed focus can become a significant competitive advantage and can spur mid-size businesses to even further growth.


Our service offerings include both BPO consulting services as well as the implementation of outsourcing projects.



Business Process Outsourcing Consulting Services


Intrigued by the possible cost savings and efficiencies created by outsourcing, but are not quite sure if outsourcing is the right fit for your business? We work as a trusted advisor for our clients to ensure that they have all of the information they need before proceeding with a BPO project. Our due diligence process will leave no stone unturned and will allow you to be confident in your decision should you decide to outsource one or more processes at your organization.


Our BPO consulting services are about finding the best fit for your business even if the final result is a decision other than outsourcing. Our only concern is finding the most cost effective and efficient processes for our clients. If the decision has been made to outsource, we’ll work with you to integrate our highly skilled-BPO professionals in the Philippines into your organization’s processes.


For more information on our BPO consulting services, contact us at 216-503-3800 or use our contact form.



Business Process Outsourcing Services


Following the completion of our BPO consulting services, CSP Global Services can also act as your complete BPO solution. After our analysis, you’ll receive a full rationale for any changes that we recommend. This includes reasons why we recommend these changes (cost savings, efficiencies, etc.) and how exactly they will be implemented into your company. 


We’ll work with you through the entire implementation process to make sure that everything proceeds as smoothly as possible.


Our service offerings include: 


Following the implementation of your selected outsourcing projects, reporting will be a key tactic in determining the success of your BPO program. We’ll work closely with you to develop reporting metrics to track the progress of your program. These can include customer satisfaction surveys or other custom reports to meet your exact needs.


For more information on our business process outsourcing services, please contact us at 216-503-3800 or use our contact form.




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